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The purpose of Kolors of the Soul is to uplift and inspire women around the world in their life’s journey through writing, interviews of women with inspiring stories and helpful resources. Kolors of the Soul also aims to be a place where women connect with professionals who are dedicated to improving the lives of women, namely through coaching, leadership development, women’s empowerment, beauty, fashion and health & wellness.

My Bio
I strongly believe that each woman is unique and has the resources within her to fully express her potential and live the purposeful and meaningful life she was meant to live. As a Certified Life Coach, I am particularly passionate about empowering women to become leaders of their lives by partnering with them to increase their self-awareness and self-confidence. With these essential tools, I feel they will be equipped to beautifully design their unique lives.

I also love inspirational writing so I am delighted to share my thoughts of life with you through prose and poetry in English but, at times, in French as well. I hope they will speak to you and touch you. As a result of my diverse cultural background and living experiences in Africa, America and Europe, I find that connecting with women around the world is an enriching adventure.

I welcome your comments and questions so please feel free to contact me through the Contact form.

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