I stare at the raindrops falling through my bedroom window.  Another grey day! So much I would do if only the rays of the sun chose to show up.  I would go for  a walk in the woods, smell the fragrance of the trees, caress the silence.  Instead, stuck I am, with the raindrops pouring down the sky.  I miss summer.  I dream of spring.  Autumn has only begun…

I think of the years I spent watching  the raindrops through my windows with my helpless eyes, my face glued to the cold surface.  As I walk peacefully under the rain, I think of the years I spent dreading raindrops.  I can’t recall the day I decided to no longer let them stop me from walking in the woods.  With a smile on my face, I reminisce how I dressed at first. A long raincoat with the hood tightly tied to my head. A huge umbrella.  Rain boots.  Although I had gathered the courage to walk under the rain, I had promised myself, that not a drop would touch me.

Now, I often catch myself walking in the drizzles and enjoying the drops of rain caressing me.  I have learned to accept the raindrops of my life and to embrace them as I embrace the sun.  I have learned to step forward without fearing they would turn into storms. I have learned to discover them and to let them water the seeds in me–the pains and lessons learnt–to allow me to grow.  I have learned to trust and to let life surprise me.

I need both the sun and the rain to become all that I can be.  A strong tree standing tall with roots unimaginable.

Do not run from the adversities of life.  Dare to walk through the pains life will surely bring your way.

To stand tall and be.