As I stepped hurriedly out of my home this morning, how delighted I was to be caressed by glimpses of sunrays. As I walked towards the hilltop, I was taken away by the great beauty of the sun sitting atop the lake. Perfectly round, orange with shades of pink, it gazed at me with a cozy smile. I imagine the joy of so many around the city who will rise with these sunrays in their heart. Such a precious gift they are.

I start the day trusting that it will be filled with beauty. Who knows what lies ahead of me though? I begin the day with a mind cleared of fog, wanting to notice and to see all the miracles it may hold. There are such days in life where the rays of the sun penetrate us so deeply that they seem to take away the pains and worries of our soul. There are such days in life when we choose to see only the beauty that surrounds us and lives within us.

What a blessing they are…