Have you ever seen a diamond lying in a tree
It is buried deep down in the recesses of the earth
Hidden between rocks and soil
Many diamonds are never found
Yet they are there buried in the depths of the earth

Have you ever seen how diamonds are found
Miners spend days digging and searching
To find but one diamond
With sweat blood and tears they labor
Day after day relentlessly
Then one day they hold in awe
A diamond that shines brighter than the sun

Where is your diamond
Finding it is a journey
Often made of sweat blood and tears
It is one of pain and frustration amid the joys of life
How worthy it is though to dig for your diamond

How beautiful the day
You will discover your diamond
That person you were created to be
Unique beautiful
Fully living the purpose designed for you

Never quit
Never give up on yourself
Do not allow adversities
To keep your face buried in the dust

Get up when you fall
To find that precious diamond
To finally be free to become
All that you were created to be