My Burdened Friend

Take my friend in your arms
Comfort her and give her rest
May your overflowing tenderness
Gently soothe her soul

Touch her heart in an incredible way
May she experience peace and joy
Remove the burdens of her soul
So much is weighing her down

Still her mind so she can hear your soft voice
Speak light, clarity and direction into her life
Free her from this wandering mind
That makes her go in circles without a purpose

Restore her
Mind, body and soul
Open the eyes of her soul
So that she may see herself the way you created her
Beautifully and wonderfully

Give her a heart of forgiveness
For unforgiveness keeps her in bondage
Away from your showers of blessings
Heal her wounds and show her how to let go

Lift up her spirit
Release her into your light
Your love that gives total freedom
Grant her boldness to claim your blessings
Break her chains so she may finally fly
To embrace her amazing destiny