The Rope of Life

Walking on the rope of life. Finding my balance. Not to fall. My entire being engages in this challenging adventure. The slightest awkward or wrong move throws me off balance. Listening to every part of my being has become crucial.

As I have grown to a greater state of self-awareness, I have come to a place where I clearly sense when I am out of balance. I do not always grasp the whys but my inner soul senses it, deep down inside. I feel empty, confused, a stranger to who I am.

Many times have I fallen off the rope of life, making moves and decisions that my entire being was screaming I should not make. What doesn’t come from the intellect cannot be right, can it? If I can’t explain that stubborn yet subtle feeling of uneasiness, it is my mind playing tricks on me. Of course.

Today, I have no choice, to survive and to live, but to find that place of balance. I choose to listen and to stay tuned to my inner voice, that place I call God in me. I need not know where it will take me. I simply need to trust and follow it, to walk beautifully on the rope of my life.