My Sweet Old Dream

Jumping with joy I could hardly contain
Looking through the window
I admired my dream
My first car

A little to the left
A little to the right
Looking for the best spot
To admire my first car

Cruising down the streets
Jumping up and down the bumpy roads
Enjoying the latest sounds
A new world was opening up to me
She was all mine
My Sweet Old Dream

Looking to the left
Looking to the right
Hopping up and down
Playing hide and seek
Hiding inside from the gaze outside
Reputation was the name of the game

Years had gone by
So had her years of glamour
Others were in
She was out

My Sweet Old Dream
The object of my joy my pride
Had mutated into something
No word could describe

I was being psychoanalyzed
My car is me you see
The fruit of my life

Inside the battle
Some days
I was a child of God
Grateful for my many blessings
Detached from the things of this world

Other days
I was a child of this world
Dreaming of a new car
My new identity

Did I say identity
My identity?