Let Me BE Me

Let Me BE Me
The Me I was created to be
Full of creativity
I will have so much more to give
Trust me

Let Me BE Me
Let my light burst and shine

Why I wonder why
Do you insist on putting me in a box
Can you not see it does not fit
Can you not see how awkward I look
How uncomfortable
My wings suffocating dying

I tried for a while
I lost my self and became lies
An empty box of lies
Do you not know He created
Each one of us
You are not me
I am not you

Let Me BE Me
So I can spread my wings
To soar above the mountains in the endless skies
So my light can shine all over the earth

Imagine a world
Each one of us spreading our wings
Wings of all colors and shapes
Imagine a world
Each one of us shining our light
How colorful and bright a world it would be