I remember our endless trips
On these endless roads
I remember our endless talks
During these endless trips
Late at night
When there seemed to be no limit
To how far we could go

I remember our crazy dreams
The crazy dreams we shared
Dreams about our lives
Dreams about our tomorrows

We both felt we could fly
We would fly
With only the sky
As our limit

We thought we could conquer the world
We believed in ourselves
We believed in each other’s dreams

But where have they gone
My dreams

Have they disappeared
Into the dark night sky
Have they become stars
Stars out of my sight
Stars out of my reach

I thought the world belonged to me
But I am now without a dream
I feel
I lost myself
When I lost my dreams

Where have they gone
I search my heart
I search the skies

I wish I had but one dream
One dream to lift me up
One dream to make me fly
Fly around the world

I wish to find you
And never let you go
Let you slip away

I hope you’ve not lost your dreams
For a life without a dream
Is a life without hope
A life without hope
Is a life without tomorrows

What is a life without tomorrows