One Two Three

They came in front of You
Their souls overflowing with love
And the dreams together they would build
They said yes oblivious of who was around
Eyes in eyes hand in hand soul to soul
They became one

Then they were two
Then they were three
Who is she
Who are they
They were not in front of you
When she said yes
When he said yes
When they said yes and became one

In a daze she woke up
Heart pounding hands sweating
Relieved it was only a bad dream
She opened her eyes wide
Reality hit

Numbed with pain
She got up staggering on her feet
Looking around in a daze
At her life tumbling down
Love turning into pain
Dreams becoming despair

On her knees she fell
Joining her feeble hands
Crying to the One above
Help me forgive and heal

On her feet she stood
Filled with hope believing
In a new and better tomorrow
Her bleeding heart
Shooting pain and anger
She wondered if it would ever be

The dance of hope and despair had begun
How do you repair a broken vase
Without leaving a trace
Do we remain one
Do we become two
What are we now anyway
She wondered