Wrapped in Your Arms

As I write these words to You
I so much need to feel Your comforting arms
I long to rest my head on Your shoulders
To cuddle up in Your arms, silent
To feel the safety of Your presence
Your healing and soothing touch

Gently whisper to me
You love me, all is well
Empty my mind, my heart, my soul
Fill my self with You
Pour Your love, peace, joy into my soul

I remember the times
I spent such special moments with You
Cleansing, renewal, restoration I experienced
Broken I came to You
Standing I continued my journey of life

Today, I want to stand
So gently I come to You again
Take Your arms and wrap them around me
Why do I leave Your presence I wonder
When without You strife is my journey

I often wonder where You are
Yet I am the one who unwraps Your arms
Walks away without looking back
For I feel strong
When I stumble and fall
Rushing I run back into Your arms

As of now
I shall remain
Wrapped in Your arms